Galliano Boucher’s Blog

Ok, so this is where you will find my mostly menswear fashion news from Second Life.

I really want this blog to be more like a fashion magazine, where stories come together and are styled.  That might mean you may not see a new release here straight away, as Im saving it up for the next themes story posting, or something like that.  Also, Im not trying to feature everything, but rather what I think is great and interesting is SL menswear, but Im always on the look out for new stores and builders so you never quite know what you will find here.

Thank you to all the companies and designers who have supported this blog and SPECIAL thanks to YOU, the viewer, who without it just wouldn’t be worth doing, or anywhere near as much fun.  So, pop back often and please feel free to leave a comment, its great to hear from you.

Galliano Boucher