Battle for Britain (The Blog Post)

by Galliano Boucher

My, my, but time do fly
When it’s in another pair of pants
And illusion I will be
For I’ve never been a sinner, la di da
Don’t be so forlorn, it’s just the payoff
It’s the rain before the storm
On a better day, I’ll take you by the hand
And I’ll walk you through the doors

Battle for Britain 1

Battle for Britain 2

Battle for Britain 3

COAT: Avatar Bizarre ~ Earthling Coat. SHIRT: Avatar Bizarre ~ Earthling Shirt. PANTS: GIOMEN ~ Leather Pants type I, black. BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, rock.

SKIN: Hermony ~ Leon, ST2. HAIR: KMADD ~ Ross, copper III. FACIAL HAIR: Clef de Peau ~ Arthur Beard, ginger. EYES: .Insufferable Dastard. ~ Bright Mesh Eyes. L: Earth R: Wispy Blue. EARS: [MANDALA] ~ Simple Ears HUTUU. HANDS: JOMO ~ Men’s hands.

1st POSE: Get Bent ~ I’ll Just Stand Here.

2nd POSE: Del May ~ Spoiler male.