E P O C H (viii)

by Galliano Boucher

Visit the landing point and explore here… EPOCH.

E P O C H (viiia)

E P O C V (viiib)

Galliano (left) Wears:

TANK: Zaara ~ Wifebeater Sheer, white.  SHORTS:  CheerNo ~ Seks Temp Shorts.  RING:  (Yummy) ~ Relativity Ring (EPOCH)

SKIN:  the body co ~ Hunter II, 03 light. FACIAL HAIR: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, beard only (EPOCH) EYES:  -Entente- ~ Valentin Eyes, tarnish.  CHEEK BRUISE: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, cheek bruise. (EPOCHEYE BRUISE: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, eye bruise. (EPOCHNOSE BRUISE: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, nose bruise. (EPOCH) DIRT ON FACE: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, grime layer (EPOCHTATTOO: AITUI ~ When the Beast, black edition, worn. (EPOCH) HAIR: ::Exile:: ~ AJ, wedge. BODY HAIR:  Body Hair Shop ~ Morpheus, chest hair, black, straight, thin.

Aeon (right) Wears:

TANKTOP:  Bullies ~ Just One Nipple, grey/blue.  SHORTS:  KOBALT ~ Sport Short, black.

HAIR:  [EGO] ~ Kar, dark ask brown.  FACIAL HAIR: NANUK ~ Anders Brown.  PUNCHED EYE:  .:Glamorize:. ~ A Free Punch in the Face.

POSE: (pda) ~ Fisticuffs, uppercut. (EPOCH)