E P O C H (iv)

by Galliano Boucher

Visit the landing point and explore here… EPOCH.

E P O C H (iva)

E P O C H (iv)

HAT/HAIR: ::Exile:: ~ Treasure Hunter, all or nothing.  JACKET: [Sleepy Eddy] ~ Classic Safari Jacket, brown (EPOCH)  TEE: (TokiD) ~ Tshirt, owl (EPOCHJEANS/BELT: [Sleepy Eddy] ~ Used Grunge Denim, light.

POSE:  Del May ~ Oh Yeah? Male.

SKIN:  the body co ~ Hunter II, 03 light. FACIAL HAIR: NANUK ~ Ingmar Scruff.  EYE BAGS: Fruk ~ Freckles & Night on the Booze.  DIRT ON FACE: Antebellum ~ The Butcher, grime layer (EPOCH) EYES:  -Entente- ~ Valentin Eyes, tarnish.