E P O C H (ii)

by Galliano Boucher

Visit the landing point and explore here… EPOCH.

E P O C H iia

E P O C H iib

MASK:  !Ohmai: ~ Groucho Mask (EPOCHSHIRT:  *COCO* ~ Bow Shirt, white.  PANTS: [iruco] ~ Cropped Trousers (EPOCH)

POSE: [iruco] ~ 08.

SKIN:  the body co ~ Hunter II, 03 light.  FACE MAKEUP:  La Malvada Mujer ~ Free Asymmetry Face Painting B.  LIPSTICK:  hate me and eat me  ~ Jour de Printems, lipstick.  HAIR: [iruco] ~ Epoch Hair B, black (EPOCH)