The Mens 24 Event

by Galliano Boucher

The Mens 24 event is now on, bringing you exclusive outfits and design from your much loved designers.

Visit now: The Mens 24

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  SHIKI ~ Innocence, blue.  POSE:  [Iruco] ~ pose 06.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  ::Gabriel:: ~ Outfit 02.  POSE:  Olive Juice ~ Indifferent.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  VERO MODERO ~ Malik.  POSE:  Diesel Works ~ Enzo 7.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  Baiastice ~ 1930 Limited Edition full outfit.  POSE:  Oh! Studio ~ Dandy 5.

BAG:  Kari ~ The Student Bad.  POSE:   [Long Awkward Pose] ~ M-Blogger 6.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  MENLOSOPHY ~ Salisburgo, wine.  POSE:  Posies ~ M8-3.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  Egoisme ~ Yellow Fever, mens24 limited edition.  POSE:  *Muism* ~ MV Pose Model Set A, 06M.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  *Zanzo* ~ Carnelian Hussar outfit.  POSE:  !bang ~ Check Yourself 6.

COMPLETE OUTFIT:  ::Gabriel:: ~ Outfit 01.  POSE:  supPOSEdly ~ Freeride 6.


SKIN:  ~Tableau Vivant~ ~ Vincent Platinum (Platinum Hunt.)  HAIR:  [Iruco] ~ Hair 16M, brown.  EYES:  Theoretical Afterthought ~ California Dimes.  FACIAL HAIR:  NANUK ~ Ingmar Scruff.