Skin Picks

by Galliano Boucher

SKIN:  *Prodigal* ~ Dan fair, buzz, fmc.  HAIR:  LeLutka ~ Seth Hair, bournville.  EYES:  Poetic Colors ~ Blue Autumn Freebie.  NECKLACEMStyle ~ Deer Necklace, white.

SKIN:  *Sacred* ~ Robert T1, stubble, brown, hair.  HAIR:  (Yummy)
 ~ Yalli, dark 3.2N.  EYES:  Valiant ~ Blue & Green Eyes.  TEE:  =FRUK Tees= ~ Well Hung.

SKIN:  CheerNo ~ Reese, light, BD 5, shav.  HAIR:  CheerNo ~ Derick, dark 3.1N.  EYES:  Theoretical Afterthought ~ Cielo, pink lemonade (med white).  NIPPLES:  CheerNo ~ Nipple Piercing Arco, right 1.  NECKLACE:  (Yummy) ~ Adventure Necklace (male).

SKIN:  [DNA] ~ Jack, Type 1, hair, beard.  HAIR:  Urban December ~ Tuesday, brown.  EYES:  MADesigns ~ Mirrors, confidence.  TANK:  [NSD] ~ Bonjour Tank.  NECKLACE:  (Yummy) ~ Multiple Chain Necklace.

SKIN:  Egoisme ~ Maurice, stubble, bald.  HAT/HAIR:  [Shag] ~ Deep Redux (mens), kitten.  EYES:  Adjunct ~ Natural & Organic Eyes, obsidian.  SCARF:  AITUI ~ Warm & Safe Scarf, wrapped up – oh, the holidays.

SKIN:  no.07 ~ James, natural hair, lazy.  HAIR:  Uw.St ~ Nick Hair, meteoric.  EYES:  Poetic Colors ~ Gold Flakes, olivine.  NECKLACE:  (Yummy) ~ Momento Locket.

SKIN: CheerNo ~ Dallas, dark, sunny, hair.  HAIR:  Sadistic Hacker ~ Bou Hair, umber.  EYES:  KLETVA ~ Recognizer Eyes, coconut.  SHIRT:  *somapop* ~ p-snt-D shirt.

SKIN: .kermes. ~ Eran Skin, midtone, stubble, HB.  HAT/HAIR:  [Iruco] ~ Hair 12M, brown.  EYES:  Theoretical Afterthought ~ California, dimes.  TEE:  Boye ~ Birds of Prey Tee.

SKIN:  LaVie ~ Anfre Biker Beard, normal (H).  HAIR:  [Shag] ~ Dogs of Lust, bistre.  EYES:  Theoretical Afterthought ~ California, mud.  NECKLACE:  Oh! Studio ~ My Dice Neckchain.

SKIN:  UNIQUE ~ Apolo, 2G-A4, 10, H by Nany Merlin.  HAIR:  [Detour] ~ Writwe II, carrot.  EYES:  Poetic Colors ~ Autumn, crocus.  TEE:  Adjunct ~ Premium Sculpted Tee, oatmeal.