Day In – Day Out

by Galliano Boucher

CARDIGAN: [Sleepy Eddy] ~ V-Neck Cardigan, cadetblue.  SHIRT: NANUK ~ Osto Button Up, blue/pink.  JEANS: {mon tissue} ~ Denim Lou Lou, used.  SOCKS: Pig ~ Argyle Sock M. Suspender, lester S.  BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, cream.  POSE: !bang ~ Check Yourself 4.

JACKET: Adjunct ~ Slim Fit Jacket, navy.  TANK: A:S:S ~ Summer Tank, pink extra sheer.  PANTS: Adjunct ~ Slim Fit Trouser, navy/white.  GLASSES: Lucy In Disguise ~ Comic Zine Readers, raspberry.  BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, navy.  POSE: !bang ~ Check Yourself 6.

CARDIGAN: Pig ~ Warmth Great Blanket.  SHIRT: GATO ~ Panda Shirt.  GLASSES: *FIR & MNA* ~ The Hemmingway Glasses, spotted.  PANTS: *ARAI* ~ Chino Pants 03, white.  SOCKS: Emery ~ Freebie Socks, green.  BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, stone.  POSE: Posies ~ Galliano 05.

JACKET: Adjunct ~ Slim Fit Jacket ~ black/red.  TEE: Adjunct ~ Premium Sculpted Tee, oatmeal.  PANTS: &Bean ~ Shoreline, Bordeaux.  SOCKS: **en Svale** ~ Free Knee Socks, olive.  BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, rock.  POSE: (pda) ~ Work 2-01.

TANK:Zaara ~ Wifebeater sheer, white.  PANTS: [*El Ganson+REDGRAVE*] ~ Pants Herringbone with band, beige.  SOCKS: Pig ~ Socks Mit Suspenders, grey.  BOOTS: *Muism* ~ Blunnies, maple.  POSE: (pda) ~  Work 2-02.


SKIN: [DNA] ~ Brady, Type 1, Hair, Lazy.  HAIR: Urban December ~ December, chestnut.  EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Fairy Tale Eyes Bright, Cinderella.  TATTOO: [SOMA POP] ~ Super-M Tattoo.