by Galliano Boucher

This is a special post which celebrates the work of Del May and her her new pose set called FURNISHED, all based on pieces of furniture.  Adding my spin on this, my post has become (un)FURNISHED and features the underwear of Atlantic Crew.

Del May currently has an exhibition at MODAVIA when you can see her stunning pictures and pick up the FURNISHED poses.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Limelight, purple.  POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, bed.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Polka briefs. POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, door.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Cheeky Classic, ivory.  POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, pin cushion.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Scamps, cornflower bands.  POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, music stand.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Platinum briefs. POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, candelabra.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Mode trunks.  POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, armchair.

UNDERWEAR: Atlantic Crew ~ Big Band Jockstrap, white.  POSE: Del May ~ Furnished, light.


NECKLACE: [AB]Male ~ Bostonian Limited Necklace.  SKIN: Antebellum &Bean ~ Northern Lights, light, no brows & body hair.  HAIRBASE/EYEBROWS/FACIAL HAIR: Antebellum &Bean ~ Northern Lights, Beard 1, hairbase, brows.  HAIR: [Shag]~ Soldier Boy V2, chocolate.  EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Ocean, jellyfish.  ADDITIONAL BODY HAIR: *Muism* ~ Trevor chest hair 01.  PRIM FEET: SLink ~ Joel Pied for men Barefoot Pivoting.

with THANKS to: Del May & Chester Howley.