Café Society

by Galliano Boucher

Come and play your part in café society in the newest and cutest coffee shop… Common Grounds.

Perfect for relaxing, chatting with your friends and meeting new ones and all in adorably created surroundings. Also featuring live music acts, plus a good line in doughnuts too!

Photo shoot location: Common Grounds

JACKET: Alphamale ~ Classic Leather Jacket, alahambra (MHO4.) CARDIGAN: *FIR & MNA* ~ Trevour Cardigan, burnt orage. TANK: *Muism* ~ 40% Transparency Tank Top, white.  JEANS: *Muism* ~ Skinny Roll-up Cuff Jeans, vintage. SOCKS: Pig ~ Argyle Sock M. Suspender, flannery. SHOES: **Stash** ~ Undefeatable Leather Shoe. CIGARETTE: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II.

SHIRT: Pig ~ Meldrick Lewis Two Tone, rust. PANTS: Adjunct ~ Cinch Pants, black. VIOLIN: Ryuu Guitars ~ Kujisawa Violin. POSE: Del May ~ About to… Male.

JACKET: “NINIKOBOY” ~ Jacket Open Type, tweed grey. TANK: +KiiToS! ~ Boarder Tank, brown.  SHORTS/LEGGINGS: +KiiToS! ~ Sinilintu + Fair-Isle Knit Pants + Leggings, mocha.  SHOES: 2g ~ Soubresaut, white.  POSE: Posies ~ M9-4.

JACKET: *FIR & MNA* ~ The Dorset Coat, khaki. PULLOVER: *Muism* ~ Patterned Knit, pink/blue. BELT: Kalnins ~ Belt Elegance. JEANS: *Curiosity* ~ Jeans Wholes, indigo. SOCKS: :sey ~ Boarder Skull High Sox, cocoa. SHOES: *VOONER* ~ Deck Shoes.

TANK: Vitamen ~ Ribbed Cotton Sheer Tank, Wata Gumo.  PANTS: Pig ~ Slapping Pete, cafe.  SOCKS: Pig ~ Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders, camel.  SHOES: Valor ~ 3 Way Long Nose Boot, brown.  CIGARETTE: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II.  TATTOO: [The Habitat] ~ Springtime.  POSE: Long Awkward Pose ~ M-Blogger 10 PR4.

CARDIGAN: Reek ~ Papercut Cardigan, coffee.  SHIRT: *Muism* ~ Stripe OS, white/pink/blue. TANK: Vitamen ~ Ribbed Cotton Tank.  JEANS: Emery ~ Denim 5.  BELT: *VOONER* ~ Last Belt, brown.  SOCKS: Twosome ~ Dikkesokken.  SHOES:  Picnic ~ Panu Shoes. PIPE: Adjunct ~ Argyle Bubble Pipe.  POSE: hate me & eat me ~ *g*016*

PULLOVER/SHIRT: Adjunct ~ Striped Sweater – Stripe 1, mens. HAT: saboteurs ~ Freddie Boater.  BOW TIE: Adjunct ~ Bow Tie, candy stripe 8. PANTS: Adjunct ~ Slim Fit Chino, khaki.  POSE: hate me & eat me ~ g*04*

COAT: *FIR & MNA* ~ Duffle Coat Seasons men. SCARF: “NINIKOBOY” ~ Muffler, yellow (group gift.)  T-SHIRT: oompa ~ Graphix Tee, stag. PANTS: &Bean ~ Shoreline, coffee.  CIGARETTE: {Gentleman} ~ Cigarette Pink Monkey V.2. POSE: *Muism* ~ MV Pose, model set A.


SKIN: <SIGNATURE> ~ Jayden, tone 1, blad, beard. EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Blue Autumn Freebie.  HAIR: saboteurs ~ WOON008, brown.  GLASSES: Reek ~ Augie Glasses.  SHAPE: Stylist’s own.