Designers United 4

by Galliano Boucher

Hoorah!  Designers United 4 is here and opens to the public TODAY!  This time the event is being held on the Floys sim and the theme is “Narcissus.”

OK, here comes the history lesson:

“Narcissus is another example among several of a beautiful young man who spurned sex and died as a result. As such, his myth has much in common with those of Adonis and Hippolytus. In the Roman poet Ovid’s retelling of the myth, Narcissus is the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope. Tiresias, the seer, told his parents that the child “would live to an old age if it did not look at itself.” Many nymphs and girls fell in love with him but he rejected them. One of these nymphs, Echo, was so distraught over this rejection that she withdrew into a lonely spot and faded until all that was left was a plaintive whisper. The goddess Nemesis heard the rejected girls prayers for vengeance and arranged for Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection. He stayed watching his reflection and let himself die. It is quite possible, however, that the connection between Echo and Narcissus was entirely Ovid’s own invention, for there is no earlier witness to it.

An important and earlier variation of this tale originates in the region in Greek known as Boeotia (to the north and west of Athens). Narcissus lived in the city of Thespiae. A young man, Ameinias, was in love with Narcissus, but he rejected Ameinias’ love. He grew tired of Ameinias’ affections and sent him a present of a sword. Ameinias killed himself with the sword in front of Narcissus’ door and as he died, he called curses upon Narcissus. One day Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a spring and, in desperation, killed himself.

Both of these stories give an origin to the narcissus flower, which grew where Narcissus died.”

Make sure you go and snap up all the special items now!


FRAME: duboo ~ i love me pose box. HEADPIECE: couveture ~ Narcissus hair acc. 1. POSE: In pose box.

DRAWS: %napoliy% ~ Grunge Room Styles 1. HEADPIECE: ::SPLIT PEA:: ~ I had some dreams – flower for hair.  NECKLACES: [NSD] ~ Mirror Necklace, part un & part deux. POSE: “oik” ~ Narcissus pose still2.

JACKET: BALACLAVA!! ~ Narcissus on Chapel St Jacket. PANTS: BALACLAVA!! ~ Narcissus on Chapel St Pants.  HAT: Picnic ~ Retro Helmet for Narcissus Queen. PIPE: duboo ~ soosunwha pipe [I love me.] POSE: Olive Juice ~ Which Way Did They Go George. (NON-DU4 item.)

MIRROR: ~Scribble~ ~ 1is2 Mirror, dark, grand braid, fresh. NECKLACE: ~Scribble~ ~ Echo’s Fate Hemp Necklace.  POSE: In mirror.

HEADPIECE: LaGyo ~ Savage Jonquille headpiece. NECKLACE: LaGyo ~ Savage Jonquille necklace. TANK: SUGARCUBE ~ Narcissus Dress (top half only.)  LEGGINGS: (Milk Motion) ~ Narcissus collection, My Tights 2.  POSE: Singing Moth ~ Poses Narciso 5.

TATTOO: -MonS- ~ Narcissus “Only Me” Tattoo (men.)  MIRRORS: [NSD] ~ Vain Hand Mirror. POSE: chicada by nil Giha ~ Hugging Myself.

GLASSES: nuboo ~ soosunwha glasses 1. JACKET: [NSD] ~ Narcissus Blazer.  NECKLACE: Singing Moth ~ Cascade of Petals necklace.  PANTS/BELT: Adjunct ~ Vanits Kills tipped trouser. MIRROR: Adjunct ~ Vanity Kills mirror.  TATTOO: -La Petite Morte- ~ Beauty Tattoo. POSE: chicada by nil Giha ~ Caressing Myself.

HAT: Picnic ~ Retro Helmet for Narcissus King. BLINDFOLD: Picnic ~ Blindfold, Narcissus white. CAPE: (Milk Motion) ~ Narcissus collection, My Narcissus Cape. PENIS: <Abyss> ~ ID 2043-3 Genitilia (flacid) (Part of Winter Warrior skin set.)  POSE: chicada by nil Giha ~ Waiting Myself.

BENCH: *Y’s HOUSE* ~ Twin Bench, Narcissus.  HEADPIECE: by Gerstley Quinnell ~ Laurel Crown (NON-DU4 item.) PRIM FEET: SLink ~ Jolie Pied for Men Barefoot Pivoting. (NON-DU4 item.) POSE: in bench.

HEADPIECE: *BOOM* ~ Narcissus Bloom hair. OUTFIT: ~*RunoRuno*~ ~ Narke.  POSE: +KiiToS+ ~ Men 015 simple stand 2. (NON-DU4 item.)

HEADPIECE: @Waffles! ~ DU4 Blind Speech: on the lake.  NECKLACE: Oh! Studio ~ My Narcissus Necklace.  MIRROR: [North West] ~ Infatuated Floor Mirror w/ pose ball.  POSE: in mirror.

FLOWER NECKLACE: equus ~ Narcissus Pearl Necklace.  NECKLACE: Singing Moth ~ Daffodils teca necklace. CARDIGAN: Pig ~ Cardigan Narcissus Unisex, black/yellow.  POSE: “oik” ~ Narcissus Pose Still7.

MIRROR:  equus ~ Shattered Vanity Mirror (smashed through head version.)  MIRROR SHARDS:  equus ~ Shattered Vanity Mirror (falling mirror shards.)  POSE:  “oik” ~ Narcissus Pose Still3.

Body-parts Throughout:

EYES: Tacky Star ~ Lovely Narcissus Eye Set.  SKIN: <Abyss> ~ ID 2043-3 Winter Warrior. (NON-DU4 item.)  HAIR BASE: no.07 ~ Hairbases, army brown. (NON-DU4 item.)  SHAPE: Stylist’s own. (NON-DU4 item.)