Galliano Glasses from *Muism*

by Galliano Boucher

Im being very naughty and showing you these early but Im so excited…..  Look at Muism’s new glasses, named after ME!

I was moaning about wanting leopard patterned, modern glasses and Ice at Muism went and made them and then named them after me. Thanks you so much Ice!

These will actually be a very special hunt prize but that’s not about to happen quite yet, but I will be blogging the details as soon as they can be released.  Be excited though and look forward to getting your hands on these glasses which come in three leopard textures plus dark and white and different lens tints too.  Ive got mine now though, hehe.

GLASSES: *Muism* ~ Galliano Glasses.  SHIRT: *Muism* ~ Last Night’s Shirt, white.  SKIN: <Abyss> ~ ID 2043-3 Winter Warrior.  HAIR: saboteurs ~ GDN005, brown. EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Blue Autumn.  POSE: [POSER ALERT!] ~ Josh 2.