Galli in WonderLand

by Galliano Boucher

Been exploring the Risk City sim and was inspired to play around with as many styling ideas as there are scenes on the sim.  Its all supposed to be fun and playful.  Hope you enjoy my wonderland games!

Shoot location: Risk City.

JACKET: [enchanty] ~ Odekake Jacket, white.  TEE: Emery ~ Top Cut, pure. SHORTS: {MV} ~ Chinos, grey. SOCKS: Emery ~ Socks Orchid Club v2, terracota.  SHOES: *ordinary* ~ Pic gift sneaker 01. GLASSES: DECO ~ Buddy Glasses, chocolate.  POSE: [POSER ALERT!] ~ Gaspard 10.

JACKET: “NINIKOBOY” ~ Long Jacket, grey. TEE: *Muism* ~ Stripe Deep V Tee, candy. JEANS: {MV} ~ Purple Dotted Jeans. BELT: :sey ~ D.L. Belt.  TATTOO: [The Habitat] ~ Swallow Set. POSE: posies ~ M8-11.

JACKET: ::Maschienenwerk:: ~ M65 Camo Jacket. PANTS: {HaVoK} ~ Khaki Cargo Shorts. SOCKS: Pig ~ Argyle Sock M. Suspender, horrid. BOOTS: *ordinary* ~ Catarrhini, tan damage. POSE: posies ~ male step aside.

CIGARETTE: {Gentleman} ~ Cigarette Pink Monkey.  TEE: PARANOID ~ T2 Aloha 1.  NECKLACE: graph* ~ coincase.  BAG: *Muism* ~ Massenger Bag.  WATCH: *chronokit* ~ watch no.34 Comet, male. JEANS: {HaVoK} ~ Rough Week Denim.  SHOES: Jeepers Shoes ~ Colbert, copper.  POSE: from bag.

TEE: *ARAI* ~ Simple T, gray.  BAG: *BOON* ~ Take It Easy Tote, sparkling death.  JEANS: {HaVoK} ~ Taboo Denim.  POSE: in bag.

JACKET: VOONER ~ Summer Rain Coat, pink. TEE: couverture ~ T-shirt 3. JEANS: PARANOID ~ Denim P-patch.  BOOTS: *ordinary* ~ Catarrhini, tan damage.  POSE: [POSER ALERT!] ~ Red IV_5.

TEE: *f + n* ~ truth t-shirt, grey.  PANTS: Balastice ~ Italian trousers, sable.  SHORTER NECKLACE: Oh! Studio ~ My Bullet Necklace, black.  LONGER NECKLACE: +*AA*+ ~ Feather & Bullets, black.  WRIST BAND: *Nelshai* ~ Leather Wrist Band.  POSE: Del May ~ Got it covered.

TRUNKS: Vitamen ~ Low Rised Swim Bikini, bitter chocolate. GLASSES: Adjunct ~ Oversized Wayfarers Sunglasses.  TATTOO: Rock & Beers ~ Gok. POSE: posies ~ M7-6.

TEE: {MV} ~ Thick and Thin Shirt, pink.  BROOCH: Singing Moth ~ Stan & Laurel brooche. PANTS/BELT: Adjunct ~ Slim Fit Chino, khaki. BAG: La Maison Kaestner ~ Leather hold-all Bag, natural leather.  SHOES: VOONER ~ Deck Shoes, simple.  POSE: [POSER ALERT!] ~ Josh 2.

BODY PARTS (throughout):

SKIN: <Abyss> ~ ID 2043-3 Winter Warrior.  HAIR: saboteurs ~ GDN005, brown. EYES: MADesigns ~ Awake, moss.  SHAPE: Stylists own.