Home: where the devil is in the detail

by Galliano Boucher

I’m trying out another interiors post on you.

If you follow my Flickr stream you will know I recently got a new prefab, a beautiful floating houseboat, up in the sky.  I have just about finished decorating it now and I’m very happy so I thought I would share it with you.  Rather than showing you the whole thing, I’m just giving you some details from it to really show the work of some of the amazing furniture builders in SL.

Hope you enjoy!

PREFAB: Dutchie ~ Houseboat the Amsterdam.

TABLE: ++LP2 Interior++ ~ Table 090 N.  PLATE: BP* ~ Dish, tomato 3.  WINE BOTTLE: drobak* ~ Bethlehem.  FLOWER JAR: (iTuTu) ~ Planter 02 S. iPAD: ++NODe++ ~ iPad.

SUNBEAMS: 03 ~ Sunbeams. RUG (lower): The Loft ~ Rug (no longer available.)  RUG (upper): Coverture* ~ Sucre Rag.  VASE: ++LP2 Interior++ ~ Leafplant 05.  TRUNK: [what next] ~ Classy Trunk. FRAME: *chronokit* ~ Frame 01 (group gift.)

CLOCK: *chronokit* ~ Clock No10, propeller. BOOKS ON SHELVES: TNT ~ La Mode Dining Set, shelves. LAMP: nordari. ~ Lamp, flower garden.

CUPBOARD: Y’s HOUSE ~ Glass Door Cabinet.  TEA POT: (iTuTu) ~ Enamel Tea Pot.  FLOUR JAR: Adjunct Interior ~ American Pottery.

DRAWS: Grandma! ~ Squirrel Chest. RABBIT ORNAMENT: *Cheap Cheap* ~ Lapin au coin. DUCK ORNAMENT: *Cheap Cheap* ~ Vibromasseaur. CLOCK: *chronokit* ~ Clock No 09, rust clock.

BED: Dutchie ~ Cuddle Messy Old fashioned.  CHAIR: (iTuTu) ~ Bent Wood Chair V2.  HAT: Meriken Co. ~ Straw Hat, black. CUP PLANTER: BP* ~ Cup Plant, pink.

STOOL: *Y’s HOUSE* ~ Pouf v2010, shiro. RUG: reBOURNE ~ Zebra Hide.  SOFA: Abiss Interior ~ La Moda Couch.

TABLE: Artilleri ~ Dundee Table. BOOK: *Y’s HOUSE* ~ Koubou Book (part of Koubou Skybox.) FRUIT & BOWL: Artilleri ~ Dundee Table Fruit Bowl.

PICTURE: +mudshake ~ Vintage 50’s print.  CHAIR (background): (iTuTu) ~ Bent Wood Chair v2.  TABLE: ++LP2 Interior++ ~ Table 090 N. CHAIR (foreground): ++LP2++ ~ Bentwood Chair NT. RUG: Lok’s ~ Texture Change Rug.

SHELF: True Love Never Dies ~ Rack. FLOWERS IN VASE: !Mauve’s Box ~ Floral Arrangement, Daylily Tropical.  FRIDGE: Grindstone ~ Fridge v1.0.

BED: Dutchie ~ Cuddle Messy Old fashioned.  FOLDED BLANKET: V. Casa ~ Folded Blanket.