i n t e r i o r

by Galliano Boucher

I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks 😦  If you have been following my Flickr then you will know I have been away, but since I’ve been back I have been concentrating on moving to a new skybox and re-decorating it.  Now this is done, Ive decised to try something new and share the interiors with you.

Not sure how this will go down with the fashion watchers but I love all areas of design and there are some really great things out there, so I thought I would give it a try on my blog.  I have been plundering my inventory so some of the items may be quite old and no longer available but hey, vintage SL builds will be the next big thing.

You will have to let me know what you think.

LAMP: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ Lamp Armany Khaki.  SOFA: Y’s House ~ Sofa01 Tabi, black.  CUSHION: Melino Style ~ Floor pillow male sit.  CANDLES: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ Candles Cubic.  RUG: Rav Torgeson ~ Elk fur rug.  POUF: Y’s House ~ Pouf KP, Muji. WALL PANELS: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ Metal bubbles.  SKYBOX: 03 ~ White Void.

LAMP: Tofino ~ Arco Lamp.  CHAIR: Artilleri ~ Glasgowchair, white.  PICTURE: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ G.Klimt Etude.  HANDKERCHIEF: True Love Never Die ~ Trapo lunares (freebie.) DAISIES: Adjunct Home ~ Carefully laid daisies.  SKYBOX: 03 ~ White Void.

LIGHTS: Cindi Maddux ~ String lights.  PAINTING: Tofino ~ Franz Kline, Untitled 1 (group gift.)  ELEPHANT HEAD PLAQUE: Schadenfreude ~ Elephant trophy.  BED: True Love Never Die ~ Wooden Daydream Bed.  RUG: Retro Radar ~ Panton 1, 7 textures. LILY IN VASE: Chronokit ~ Lily black (free gift.) PICTURE ANTLER: Theosophy ~ Rog Jeleni. SKYBOX: 03 ~ White Void.

PICTURE: Torino ~ Eva Hesse 11, Untitled (Group gift.)  CHAIR: Abiss Interior ~ La Scala Black Armchair. SKYBOX: 03 ~ White Void.

WALL PANELS: Marcopol Oh Studio – Silver bubbles. PLANT: Heart Botanicals ~Tropical, hosta funkie2.  LAMP: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ Oh Lamp Angel.  CUPBOARD: Marcopol Oh Studio ~ Dresser 44 Orange.  SKYBOX: 03 ~ White Void.