CheerNo ~ Turns the HEAT UP on Menswear

by Galliano Boucher

If you haven’t heard of CheerNo before then… shame on you!  If ever there was Haute Couture for men within SL then CheerNo will be it.  The seasonal releases are always a spectacular event and you never quite know what will be coming next.  I have to say that I am loving the new collection with its dark tones and dramatic accessories.

So here is my take on the collection.  Think it’s all too much for you?  Well then, you know the saying… “if you can’t stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen!”

  • HEAD PIECE: CheerNo ~ Editorial AcS.GAGE.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Corbin Pants, Black.

  • JACKET:  CheerNo ~ Lambert Jacket, Silver.
  • T-SHIRT:  CheerNo ~ STYLETees, WhiteJIM.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Berbal Pants, Purple.
  • GLOVES:  CheerNo ~ 2Finger Leather Gloes, Black.

  • HEAD PIECE:  CheerNo ~ Editorial Ac.S Face Mask.
  • PULLOVER:  CheerNo ~ Elliot Rollover Sweater, Black.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Berbal Pants, Red.

  • HEAD PIECE:  CheerNo ~ Editorial Ac.S Square Peacock Feather.
  • PULLOVER:  CheerNo ~ Losango Sweater, Gray.
  • LEGGINGS:  CheerNo ~ Sian Leggings, Black.

  • HEAD PIECE:  CheerNo ~ Editorial AcS. Circle GAGE.
  • SHIRT:  CheerNo ~ Caj Shirt, White.
  • GLOVES:  CheerNo ~ Caj Shirt, Black.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Lazza Pants, Black.

  • MASK:  CheerNo ~ Editorial AcS. WireMask.
  • FEATHERED JACKET:  CheerNo ~ Deuil Tyler Jacket & Feathers.
  • LEGGINGS:  CheerNo ~ Sian Leggings, Silver.
  • GLOVES:  CheerNo ~ Poker Gloves, Black.

  • PULLOVER:  CheerNo ~ Romeo Sweater, Yellow.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Corbin Pants, Gold.

  • CROWN:  CheerNo HairDressing ~ Principe Crown, Silver.
  • JACKET:  CheerNo ~ Niez Jacket, Black.
  • PANTS:  CheerNo ~ Berbal Pants, Black.

  • HEAD PIECE:  CheerNo ~ Editorial AcS. Chandelier.


  • SKIN:  CheerNo ~ Greed, Golden, M3.
  • HAIR:  booN ~ XXX777 hair, chocolate.
  • PRIM FEET:  SLink ~ Adam Barefeet.
  • SHAPE:  Stylists own.


  • LOCATION:  Outside CheerNo Main store.