NEW Muism Skins – Aaron

by Galliano Boucher

Yes, more new skins from Muism, but this time someone spilt the paint pot and splashed colour all over them.

Taking influence from the trendier parts of east London, the new Muism skins come in one skin tone and five different facial hair types.  The most striking thing though is the detailed facial features, body detail and the coloured hair bases.  Aaron – Shoreditch is bleach blonde and Aaron – Hoxton is bleached and then dyed red!  In addition, these striking skins come either plain or with eye shadow for that Sunday night, secret venue, fashion party look.  Are you on the guest list?

Released within the next couple of days.

  • LEFT
  • SKIN:  Muism – Aaron_Shoreditch_A5_Hair_Eyeliner.
  • HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR: Smith, Swedish Blonde III.
  • SKIN:  Muism – Aaron_Hoxton_A4_Hair_Eyeliner.
  • HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR:  Smith, Wine Red III.
  • EARING:  Muism – Cross Jewelled Stud/gold.clear [8mm].

  • SKIN:  Muism – Aaron_Hoxton_A1_Hair.
  • HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR – Kian, Wine Red III.
  • SCARF:  Muism – Fox fur scarf, black.
  • TANK:  Muism – 20% transparency Tank top, Black.
  • JEANS:  Muism – Skinny Roll-up Cuff Jeans, Black.

  • SKIN:  Muism – Aaron_Shoreditch_A3_Hair.
  • HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR – Kian, Swedish Blonde III.
  • SCARF:  Muism – Chunky Scarf Pompom, multi strip 1.
  • TANK:  Muism – 50% transparency Tank top, White.
  • JEANS:  Muism – Skinny Roll-up Cuff Jeans, Vintage.