The KEY Trends!

by Galliano Boucher

I just love all of the “key” jewellery around at the moment.

Here’s some of my favs!

  • SHORTEST NECKLACE (padlock and key):  Nelshai – The Shy Necklace, silver.  Available on Xstreet.
  • NEXT SHORTEST NECKLACE (old silver key):  Marcopol Oh Studio – My Key Necklace.
  • NEXT SHORTEST NECKLACE (key and stones in black):  Null – Painted Necklace.
  • LONGEST NECKLACE (dog tags, whistle and old keys):  The Dogs – Blame Necklace.
  • BRACELET:  Null – Painted Bracelet.
  • PULLOVER:  Pig – V Neck Logo Sweater.
  • POLO SHIRT:  Meriken Co – SunFlower B+P Shirt.
  • SKIN:  &Bean – Closer Panda Norm
  • HAIR:  Muism – Katsuo, auburn.