Muism takes a Beating – Additions to the NEW Xavier Skin Line.

by Galliano Boucher

  • Following on from the launch of the Xavier skin line, Musim are just about to add to the line with two new character skins, WOUNDS and SCARS. Both have scars or wounds on the face and over the body but not too much as not to become over the top.  I especially like the bruises over the knuckles, hehe.

New WOUNDS and SCARS skins released by the end of this week!

  • SKIN:  Muism – Xavier damage, B4, Hair, Wounds.

  • SKIN:  Muism – Xavier damage, C4, Hair, Scars.
  • EARING:  Muism – Jewelled Stud/silver.clear, 5mm.
  • HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR – Cash, Deep Brown III.
  • BODY HAIR:  Muism – Xavier skin, chest hair 3.
  • TATTOO (chest/arms):  TRUTH – Oldskool.
  • TATTOO (stomach):  Aitui – No No No
  • NECKLACE:  The Dogs – Blame necklace.
  • RING (black):  Marcopol Oh Studio – My Chests Ring black.
  • RING (metalic):  Bandit Jewelry – Roma2 platinum ring.
  • JEANS:  Aitui – Tokyo Jeans – Ultra Low Rise/Dark Wash.
  • LOCATION:  Immersiva by Bryn Oh – Immersiva (35, 107, 20).
  • SHAPE:  Stylists own.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY/STYLING:  Galliano Boucher.
  • POST PRODUCTION:  Marcopol Oh.